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One of the biggest time commitments within the family home is cooking and meal preparation. Not only does it take time to prepare meals, but meal planning, shopping and ingredient preparation are also time-consuming and can take up a large part of your daily schedule. With children, there may be additional considerations like food preference, dietary requirements and allergies that necessitate careful planning and checking of meal ingredients.

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Help With Meal Planning and Shopping

Weekly food shopping can represent a considerable strain - taking time away from things you’d rather be doing, like spending more quality time with your family.

Lighthouse home-helpers can provide a meal planning and food shopping service, ensuring that your fridge is fully stocked with all the things your family enjoys. We make sure that all preferences, dietary requirements and allergies are fully noted, and take the time to carefully check all products just as you would. We can even prepare a weekly itinerary of meals, planning your family’s menu including lunches to take to work and school.

meal prep services

Cooking & Meal Preparation

Meal preparation can mean preparing all of the family’s daily meals, ensuring a varied schedule of high-quality, nutritious home-cooked meals.

Our home-helpers can take the stress out of your day by making sure mealtimes adhere to you and your children’s schedules - we can even batch-prepare meals that are simple and quick to heat and serve. Whatever your needs, Lighthouse is here to offer an extra pair of hands when you need them.

Meal prep services that are totally flexible

Help with meal prep helps take the strain out of your daily schedule. Our home-helpers can prepare nutritious meals for your children, freeing up time during the day for you. As part of a joined-up service, our help with meal prep can be combined with childcare and transport services - particularly handy when you need a little extra help during busy weekdays.

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Our home help fits around your life and your needs. Whether you require short-term assistance during a particularly hectic week or need longer-term support, we tailor our service for as long as you need it. We’re agile too - we accommodate schedule changes and short-notice arrangements.
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No need to hire separate people for different tasks. We offer a unique, joined-up service - our home helpers are multi-talented, meaning you only need one person for the job. Save money and free up time for the things that matter most to you.
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At Lighthouse our home helpers are directly employed by us and are subject to thorough vetting and training. We only employ the right people and ensure they have attained all relevant certifications - so you only receive trusted, quality help and support.

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