Flexible Aberdeen Pet Care Services

Pets are a part of our family, so it’s often a challenge to find flexible pet care services that meet the high standards we would want. While kennels and catteries can provide care for your pet while you are away, unfamiliar surroundings can be a source of stress for pets, especially those who aren’t used to spending time away from home.

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Aberdeen Pet Care Services

Lighthouse offers flexible in-home pet care services, ensuring your pet stays safe and feels secure until you return.

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Dog walking

Lighthouse offers flexible dog walking services, ensuring that your dog receives the level of exercise and stimulation they require throughout the day. Especially in situations where dogs are home alone for a proportion of the day, dog walking provides an opportunity for your pet to run around, get some fresh air and a much-needed bathroom break.

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Pet visits

Flexible pet visits are ideal for situations where a pet is left alone for short or long periods of time and simply requires a check-in and perhaps a top-up of their food or water. This service is suitable for small animals such as fish, hamsters, guinea pigs and reptiles who live in enclosures and simply need feeding and maintenance, ideal when you are away for several days or on holiday.

Flexible Aberdeen Pet Care Services You Can Trust

Our trained, multi-talented home-helpers are experienced in the care of a number of different types of pets and can offer tailored in-home pet care services to suit your unique requirements.

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Pet check-ins

Owners of larger pets such as dogs and cats who require a check-in during the day may find this service particularly useful - especially if their pet has special needs due to illness, disability or young/advanced age.

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Pet sitting services

For those who require a total in-home pet care solution, why not enlist the help of our pet sitting services, providing short and long term in-home pet sitting.

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How Lighthouse Can Help

Why choose Lighthouse

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Our home help fits around your life and your needs. Whether you require short-term assistance during a particularly hectic week or need longer-term support, we tailor our service for as long as you need it. We’re agile too - we accommodate schedule changes and short-notice arrangements.
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No need to hire separate people for different tasks. We offer a unique, joined-up service - our home helpers are multi-talented, meaning you only need one person for the job. Save money and free up time for the things that matter most to you.
Home Help Services


At Lighthouse our home helpers are directly employed by us and are subject to thorough vetting and training. We only employ the right people and ensure they have attained all relevant certifications - so you only receive trusted, quality help and support.